Amelie, I just wanted to thank you for all your effort and your time you put in selling my house. Not only did you sell my house but you found the perfect condo for me, and always took my budget into consideration. I also want to thank you, for explaining how realty works, and helping me choose the best investment for me. As discussed I was looking in a particular area that was not per say a good area to invest due to the location and services out there. You kept me in the area I was completely comfortable and really felt at home. Keeping in mind everything was done in a 2 week period, which again I did not think would be possible. Not only have you done all this but you also introduced me to a great notary who took care of the sale and buy, and how you both collaborated and me feel quite special during a difficult time. Again always caring for my best interest and basically treating me as a family member. You did what I thought was impossible, find me a great place in the neighbourhood I love, even leant me a fridge to keep my food in place because of delay of my furniture, I mean what real estate agent does this. Again, I can’t thank you enough in making sure I was completely satisfied from beginning to end, even the way my house was staged almost made me want to keep it especially after the pictures for the website lol. But I truly believe you put me first at all times and truly cared for my well-being, I have still not stopped bragging about how good you were to me and spreading the word to family and friends what you have done for me and compared to stories of other real estate agents and nothing comes close. I will continue to keep your business card close and continue to recommend you to everyone who is buying or selling to reach out. As your work ethics and class and putting the customer first is really unheard of now a days in almost any business. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Amelie and so happy we worked together and will continue to business in the future.

Jason R.

Very patient and very efficient ? works really well and listens to her clients ? loved working with her! I’m now a proud home owner thanks to her skills!! ❤️

Isabelle L.